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Here are acts available to be booked through Boom Boom L'Roux, for private events and full productions.  For individual prices, please contact me through my Contact Me page.


To love her is to be spellbound, to see her is to be ensnared in her charm, to find her is to be lost in the vast nothingness of time.  As the Purple and silver captivates her audience, Boom Boom enchants you with a classic slow burn that she quickly glamour's into a  shimmy shake number. I Put a Spell on You is used as the song and is blended from 2 versions of this bewitching music. 

Getting Paid or Bitch, Better Have My Money, is a

Neo Burlesque act, born for the stage at Re Bar for A Hot Mess Burlesque by Blond Ambition.  It's black and white appeal, requires clean up, and shows how often the woman get's paid less than her male counterparts. Often done with Moose, but willing to find other stunt dick as needed.  Bitch Better have my Money is the riveting soundtrack to this ultimate woman making the money, and bringing home the bacon.

Senales: Originally performed as a Celebration of life tribute act to the victims of Pulse Orlando Night Club shooting, this isis winged neo burlesque tribute flows with green life and gold memories of those whose lives ended.  Marielle Marielle, Senales de Humo creates the music of this act, and it comes all from a poem. Originally performed at Nuemos, at a show called Let Your Love Shine, produced by Jet Space Magazine.

Comfortably Numb:

Nothing is quite as black and white as a costume can be.  In this neo burlesque kink act Boom Boom is Playing with the dichotomy of power, sometimes your the Dom, sometimes the sub, exploring both sides of your sexuality. This Comfortably Numb remixed of Pink Floyd's original is used to create the context of finding power in the subordinate, and being a slave to power.

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